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Specializing in Foreclosures

Are you a buyer?

Without a doubt, fortunately or not, today is an amazing time for buyers venturing into the real estate market; home prices have fallen to levels not seen in many years. Millions homes are either in foreclosure or teeter on the brink. If you're a buyer, your time has come, your time is NOW. While we may not have reached "bottom", we can't be too far off. For many years my specialty has been, and continues to be finding properties in distress. For nearly a decade, I have been working with investors and end users helping them locate and acquire foreclosures throughout the State of Florida. However, there has never been greater opportunity available as there is today. By working with you to identify properties that best match your goals, maximization of your buying power is assured. From start to finish, your transaction is thoroughly, and individually considered and evaluated, utilizing my extensive knowledge and experience in title work, brokering mortgages, bank negotiations, equity positions assessment, and contract negotiations.

Properties available

Never before, certainly not during our lifetimes has there been a real estate market like this one. Valuable current information is available by clicking the link "Get Educated" at the top of this page. Begin your search by perusing "MLS Search", also at the top of this page. Thank you.

Let me help you sell your home

Experience, expertise, and excellence empower me throughout our negotiations with mortgage companies. We market and sell homes for less than what is owed to the bank (short sales), successfully negotiating complex situations to resolution. Homeowners can, do, and will get out from under, and walk away from the most dificult of situations; many of them are even ending up with some money in their pocket;  you can, too...

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"Good communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Count on me to provide you with the information you need on a schedule and in a manner that suits you best..."